Snekkerbuks is an Amsterdam design studio founded in 2012 by Kristin Maurer. Kristin Maurer studied architectural design and graduated at Rietveld Academy Amsterdam. She worked in various fields of architecture and has a passion for using textile at an architectural scale.

The beginning of Snekkerbuks, pants to live in, can be traced back to the moment that Kristin spontaneously made leather dungarees for her daughter to allow the girl to play freely in all conditions. She was really happy with the result, it was a very useful and goodlooking garment and she made many more versions for friends and family while improving the design.

After a number of prototypes and years of literal sandbox testing Kristin was finally satisfied with the design and started selling in 2012.

The pre-owned idea came from Kristins own experience with her children that in three years not a single repair was needed, even though the girls wore their pants almost every day. Normal clothes would require regular fixing when worn this intensively (3 girls, playing outside every day). When after some years they finally had outgrown them, the pants would still be in such a good condition and with added patina, that she could happily pass it on to friends.

“I love quality, it really gives me joy to wear clothes that are so well made that they stay beautiful even when you wear them day-in and day-out.” (Kristin).