All Snekkerbuks leather products are made from ecologically safe produced cowhide leather.

Snekkerbuks leather is purchased exclusively from German leather retailers who meet the stringent legal requirements of the German leather industry with regard to environmentally friendly leather production and maximum ecological quality. All leathers used have the quality mark RAL-GZ 430 of the Association of the German leather industry – the strictest and most extensive eco-label for leather and its production. Furthermore, the leathers used comply with the European REACH regulations, which preclude the use of harmful substances in the tanning process.

The leather is water repellent, especially wear-resistant and breathable.


Don’t wash. Clean with moistened cloth, if necessary. Before first use, we recommend to treat the leather dungarees and backpacks with leather grease or other leather care, so they remain dirt and water repellent for a long time.

For the leather sandals we use “oil pull-up” cowhide leather with a matte finish. Durable, breathable, water repellent to a certain degree. It’s not recommended to use leather grease for the sandals as the matte finish will change its appearance through the use of grease.