Leather Dungarees mint (pre-owned)

Leather Dungarees mint (pre-owned)


Pre-owned Dungarees in mint, size 3 (4 - 7 years )

Crawling, climbing, hiking, biking, urban survival in all weather types

Pants to live in. Snekkerbuks dungarees are handmade from strong, supple, water repellent leather. They are warm in winter and cool in summer. Snekkerbuks are easily adjustable to carry your child for three years.

• Handmade in Amsterdam

• Made from ecologically safe produced cowhide leather with a durable and water repellent finish. Breathable. Read more about our leathers

• Big size range: Legs can be rolled up, shoulder straps can be adjusted with buckle closures and the waistline is elastically adjustable.

“I designed the Snekkerbuks dungarees especially with two goals in mind: Increasing the comfort of my kids when they play outside and protecting the clothing they wear underneath, for instance leggings of natural wool, making these last much longer by reducing wear and tear and the need for washing. And the dungarees themselves are also very practical, no need to wash these trousers. They’ll look the same everyday. It doesn’t matter what you do with them.”

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