Leather Sandals grey

Leather Sandals grey


The design of these soft cowhide leather sandals is directly based on that of the historical roman sandals “Carbatinae". The sandals offer protection without compromising the feel of walking barefoot. To achieve this effect the sandals are made of one piece. The absence of thick cushioning soles promotes the development of feet muscles and gives the feeling of direct contact with the ground. The sandals adapt and form themselves to the shape of the feet.

• For out- and indoor use.

• Handmade in Amsterdam

• Made from ecologically safe produced "oil pull-up” cowhide leather. Durable, breathable, waterrepellent to a certain degree. Read more about our leathers

• Sizes:

Size 20-21 (foot lenght: 12,1-13,3 cm)

Size 22-23 (foot lenght: 13, 4-14,6 cm)

Size 24-25 (foot lenght: 14,7-15,9 cm)

Size 26-27 (foot lenght: 16,0-17,3 cm)

Size 28-29 (foot lenght: 17,4-18,6 cm)

Size 30-31 (foot lenght: 18,7-19,9 cm)

Size 32-33 (foot lenght: 20,0-21,2 cm)

Size 34-35 (foot lenght: 21,3-22,6 cm)

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