What is Pre-owned? 



When after time you have to say goodbye to your Snekkerbuks, pass it on.
To friends or someone in need, or return it to us and receive credit (50% of the purchase price) that can be used in our shop.



That’s how confident we are in the durability of our products. No matter the state, you’ll get your credits. All pre-owned products in the store are washed and checked on structural integrity (stitches,..), repaired when necessary and marked with coloured stripes of previous ownership. One stripe for each owner like a batch of honour. The pre-owned Snekkerbuks are functionally perfect but will show traces of use. All pre-owned items are on display in the shop so you can pick your personal favourite. You can also come by in our workshop, you are welcome to have a look at our pre-owned stock. When you chose a pre-owned product, you’ll know it has the same quality, and will look even better. We think that reusing is a positive act that’s why we like to say: it’s better than new. We love it when you share your story with us. Details on returning you’ll find here.

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